When you read the page you might get an impression that there is a group of people behind the title. The truth however is, that TE is, currently, a single man effort, so I'll ( uzurpator – that is who ) drop the 'our' approach and speak directly here :)

Hey – if this game was in development since 2003, why there is so little stuff available?

Well – it is my fault. Not entirely, but I was/am a part of the problem.

When the concept of TE was first introduced none of the people who were interested in playing Transport Empire had the skills necessary to push the actual project forward. Sure, there were ideas and discussions, but in the end those do not a game create.

After some turmoil the original team dispersed and the project was left in limbo.

I picked it up around 2007, when I was done with university. But even then I barely could write code – but this time not because of lack of skill, since I coded in C++ for food then, but simply because of lack of time ( life happens ) and plain old laziness ( damn you Supreme Commander! ).

Anyhow – the current codebase and documentation was written largely in 2010 and 2011, when I made another attempt to push the project forward. This time with a little less setbacks and more skill in coding and more motivation.

So – a single guy writes the stuff now?

Pretty much so.

Ok, ok – this will end in a train wreck.

Possibly, bo I refuse do give up.

Riight. Assuming the game will be actually written, what kind of gameplay can I expect?

Transport Empire is thought to be a worthy successor to Transport Tycoon Deluxe with a modern polish, extra features and some borrowings from Railroad Tycoon and other games.

Sounds fun, but the screenshots look unimpressively...

I am a coder, not an artist. I can design any effect, code any framework and implement pretty much anything, but I am not an artist. Sure, I did some TTD sprites, but that does not even scratch the surface.

Besides. TE is also a bit of my sandbox. I am a pro coder, but still I learn 3D graphics as I go.

On a related note, this page looks like ass.

Yes. Look above.

I have this awesome idea about...

Nice. First, check if the idea is not covered in the Design Document. Secondly – there is a 'contact' link somewhere above. Post it and it might get included.

I am an artist / coder / modeler / sexy chick and I want to join in.

Contact me :) through 'contact' somewhere above

Have you considered making TE as a commercial project?

Yes. However this is a complicated issue, but boils down to one thing.


I don't have the required funds. Theoretically some third party could finance the project. However there are, literally, thousands of game projects and there is nothing, objectively speaking, that sets TE apart from those. You don't get multiple digit budgets by being a random internet indie game :P

Besides, people who make money on making games have more ideas and concepts then they need. A random project from gods know where with a random person at the head is not going to grab their attention.

So, it is not going to happen, unless some bizarre twist of fate occurs.