Transport Empire project is a collaborative effort of community of www.tt-forums.net aiming for a modern reimagining of a classic 1994 game of Transport Tycoon.

In essence, Transport Empire shall be to Transport Tycoon what Starcraft 2 was to original Starcraft. The game would get a modern technical exterior, shall be extensible and moddable. It will have a great plot with a multiple map campaign and great historical roots.

Gameplay shortcomings of original TT will be fixed, many great enhancements brought by TTDPatch and OpenTTD will be incorporated.

At the same time. The game will still be a simple, somewhat cartoony, simulation which is easy to play for pure fun of building a railroad, airline or whatever.

The most important features are:
implementation of transport modes similar to original TT. However with balance issues from TT fixed
movement of vehicles would be modeled along the real physics of a given medium
multi faceted transport model, still allowing to transport everything everywhere, but realistic enough to omit some funny problems of original TT.
full fledged stock market, to gain some personal wealth, robber baron style
realistic player avatar, to bring a face behind the company
multiplayer of several kinds
classic sandbox game, randomly generated game with actual goals and scenarios with a plot following the game action

The game is made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. It is difficult to judge if we manage to succeed, and given the history of the projects, one should be pessimistic. However, we just refuse to give up.