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General Information

You can find this on the OTT3D_Development page under Getting the code to work.

There will be 2 major section on this page which will change as new game revisions will be uploaded:

1.) improving current code. 2.) coding new systems.

Improving current code

> Adding scales on the Deform Tool (intensity and area). > Rescale and modify the terrain poly count. Hint: 1 unit = 1 meter, it shouldn't go lower than 2x2 segments per 1x1 unit of terrain. The current scale is 1x1 segment per aprox 5x5 units of terrain. > Lower the terrain and water. Both are loaded at the "middle" of the deforming scale (you can deform it max _Number and -_Number units in height. This allows deforming the terrain underwater quite a lot. And we don't need that. > saveTerrain() and loadTerrain() functions are written but not scripted to a button / key. > add the possibility of saving and loading multiple terrains. Current setup permits saving and loading on 1 saved-terrain. > Whenever new rail-blocks are out, fine tune their coordinates from Railroad_checkpts.txt to fit in the code and script them on Auto-fit.

Coding new systems

> Scripting advanced railroad building support for junctions (based on the algorithm and code in v0.02); > Scripting Road building tool based on the Railroad one in v0.02; > New tools: foliage, placing industries.

Caelum - day /night transitions + weather - and SoundManager class will be added by me in a future version and then added at improving code section when needed.