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General information

You can find this on the OTT3D_Development page under General artist creation.

There are 2 sections here:

1.) Content that needs to be redesigned or improved.

2.) About new content.

These sections will be updated and changed frequently as the game changes revisions.

Improving current content

1.) Railtrack models need a redesign. Zephyris is currently trying to do this. New designs are always welcomed.

2.) Water: so far the source code can load an Ocean or a simple Fresnel. If you have something good looking and less FPS killer than those 2 feel free to give it a try.

3.) Terrain textures: kinda few and only for 1 climate : temperate that also has some snow on top peaks. More would be also welcomed. This is however not urgent at all, since we currently don't have the option to change the climate.

New required content

Basically everything is welcomed. let's sort them out a little shall we.

General modeling guideline: 1 unit (in 3dsmax and Ogre) means 1 meter. Please create all the models according to this scale because scaling objects at runtime or putting me to manually scale the mesh using OgreCommandLineTools is NOT time efficient.


Trees, grass, bushes as stated in OTT3D_Development under General artist creation.


Most needed: low poly houses and commercial buildings, high-story buildings, industries.

Optional (extreme low poly models, details on textures only): decorative models: streetlights for example, fences, etc.


New blocks (for elevating the track, bridge blocks), junctions (support for in-game using of these will be added), new curves: softer or tighter, S -form tracks, anything that passes through your mind and see fit in this game.

New station models.